Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Things You Do on a Long Weekend.

Well the weather has warmed up just a tad so out came the body paints today. Body painting is an easy and fun activity to do. The only slightly stressful thing about it is working out what design to paint. Always make sure you use paints made for face and body. We got ours from Spotlight. Both John and I are in no way very arty but it's not all about how good you are in the art department it's more about fun.

I think next time we get together we should have a body painting day. Paint brushes at 50 paces maybe ? How about bocce and body painting on the beach?


I went for a tribal sun design.

John did a flag design.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Swimming in Winter in Tassie. Are you mad !

Once again it's been awhile between posts as life gets in the way of recreational pursuits. We are happy to say we  did the Winter Solstice Swim in Hobart on the 22nd of June. The swim is on every year, it's part of the Dark Mofo Festival. What a buzz it was. There were around 800 people there for the swim with ages ranging from young 20's to the over 60's with newbies to seasoned regulars. It was one of the coldest days they have had for the swim with ice all over the ground and the temp hovering at 0.8 deg. Brrrrrrr. The water was cold too, I think they said it was 11 deg. The morning was so clear and beautiful as we watched the sun start to rise at Long Beach Sandy Bay while waiting for the start of the swim at 7.42 am.

Just arrived at the beach at the crack of dawn.

So what's the drill when you do the Dark Mofo Solstice Swim ? Well first of all you have to register for the swim (it's free) and then you will get an email back with a list of things about the swim. When you arrive at the beach on the morning of the swim you line up to get your large white towel and red swimming cap. You wait on the beach warming yourself around the various fire drums until they give the call to go and undress. There are a number of areas to undress both inside the boat shed and outside. After you undress and put the towel and cap on you once again assemble on the beach to wait. I have a couple tips to make this experience more comfortable. First of all make sure you have a pair of ugg boots or other footwear which is easy to get on and off, to keep your feet warm. You have no idea how cold that sand is at that time of the morning in Winter. Secondly I found that a coat over the top of the towel you are wearing was a great idea (more warmth while waiting). And thirdly do stand around one of the fire drums to keep warm while waiting or take a jog up the beach.
There are life savers at the beach who give you the low down on what to do while in the cold water. They also have a marked out area in the water to show you where to swim to. You don't have to swim out that far you can just go out and have a splash around if you want to at least you can say you've participated in the swim. Great fun.
Love the caps they give you.

Now for the swim itself. You will hear a call go out to line up then there was the sound of the big Buddhist drum beating and beating. This was great as it really got you pumped up and ready to go. Before you know it the call to go is out and the red flares are lit then there's a wave of people into the water followed by some screams, choice swear words and laughs as the cold hits them. So much fun. When you get out it's straight to the towel and fire drum or you can run back and get dressed.
 Us just after the swim.

We found it a great experience which stayed with you for the rest of the day. It was good to talk to some of the other participants as well. They came from all parts of Australia. The media had a section down one end of the beach which meant if you didn't want to appear on any photos etc. you avoided that area. I would recommend this swim, it was great fun and made you feel so alive. I would also recommend attending the Dark Mofo Festival, it was fantastic and a great idea to get people out at night and to Tassie in the middle of Winter. Next year we hope to get a group of us together to attend the swim.


Friday, 24 April 2015

The cooler weather has arrived.

Now that the cooler weather has arrived I hope the group doesn't go into too much of a hibernation mode. It can sometimes be a bit difficult coming up with ideas to do as a group when the weather is against you. It's a big shame there isn't a club in the North West or Tasmania for that matter, where we could meet up. This is what Tasmania is lacking. When it comes to nudist/naturist clubs we are spoilt for choice when vising the Mainland and once again poor old Tassie is lagging way behind. Maybe one day we might get with it. We are still having swim days at the Spreyton pool on alternate Sundays while the water is still warm enough to be comfortable. This is always a nice chance to get together and enjoy each others company.

We are heading down to Dark Mofo in June and also to the Nude Solstice Swim. It would be great if a few more of our group could come along for the swim. I'm looking forward to the gathering of like minded people but I'm not really looking forward to the plunge into the cold water. If you hear a loud scream at 7.42 am on Monday the 22nd June you will know it's me entering the waters of the Derwent River at Long Beach Sandy Bay. If you do want to join in there's a free registration to do before the day. Registrations are now open.

While we gaze out on the Autumnal colours that abound in and around the countryside at the moment and feel the cooler shift into Winter's path let's raise our glasses to the next round of warm weather on sandy beaches, longer days to enjoy and not having to worry about that cool breeze hitting our bare skin.

Warm and inviting Bakers Beach.

Let's finish off with a quote by Oscar de la Renta

I always say: To be well dressed
you must be well naked.  


Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Great Day Was Had By All

BBQ lunch by the river.

Apart from a few swim days our get-togethers have been a bit sparse this Summer, until now. Sunday we had a wonderful day which started off with a BBQ lunch by the river on our farm. It was a lovely warm blue sky day and we all settled under the shade of the large Willow tree. John manned the BBQ, cooking a selection of yummy morsels and I set up the table which contained a nice array of sides and salads. We relaxed with lunch and a chat, it was great to catch up with everyone again. After lunch some of our group braved the rather cool water of the river for a swim. They enjoyed their swim and assured me it wasn't all that cold. I'm a bit chicken when it comes to swimming in coldish water. After a few hours by the river we made our way up to the house for coffee before the highlight of the day, a nude cave tour. Yes that's right we did a nude cave tour. Possibly the only one ever done in Tasmania or Australia for that matter. We arrived at Gunns Plains Caves ready to enjoy the sights of the best caves in Tasmania and to make it even more wonderful we'd be doing the tour in the nude. 

Enjoying the caves.

Along the pathways.

We descended down the 54 steps into the magical world which lies beneath the scenic valley of Gunns Plains. These caves are renowned for their outstanding cave formations including calcite shawls and flowstones. We set off along the pathways with our cave guide Chris to discover the history and delights of these caves. We had a fantastic time and judging by the 'Oohs and Ahhs' I think everyone was pretty impressed with it all. I've been down into these caves a few times and it never ceases to amaze and impress me and at a comfortable 11 degrees all year round it's a pretty good place for a spot of nude cave touring.

Interesting formations in the caves.
Time for a group photo.
And back out we go.

Thanks so much to all those who made it over our way yesterday and to Chris for a wonderful cave tour. Looking forward to our next catch up.  Cheers Michelle.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sunday Sunning Day.

We had a bit of time and good weather to sun ourselves on Sunday. In Tassie you have to grab the opportunity to get out in the sun when you can. Way down South the lack of Vitamin D is a big problem which causes many health issues so we like to get out in the sun as much as we can.

Topping up our Vit D and getting some clothes free time.

The time is getting closer when our group will start having some get togethers. Do you feel the weather warming up? There will be some beach days, pool days and other gatherings for our Tasmanian Nudist Group to enjoy. We only wish there were some clubs and legal clothes free beaches here in Tassie which we could visit, like on the Mainland. We can only dream I suppose. In the meantime, if you can, get out there and embrace nature as nature intended, in the nude. Looking forward to catching up with everyone after our Winter/cold weather hibernation.  Cheers Mich.

Paying homage to Mother Nature.

Embracing the awesomeness of our great outdoors.

“I respect a man not for the clothes he wears, but for the clothes he doesn’t wear. Yes, nudity is an admirable thing indeed.”

― Jarod Kintz.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Getting ready for the warmer times.

Hi Everyone
Loving the sun today. I've just been topping up on Vitamin D and getting some nude time, something that's hard to do over the Winter months and cooler days. It won't be long until we can get together again for our beach and swim days. Looking forward to your company and seeing you all again. Hopefully we can recruit some new members this season, wouldn't that be nice.

Until next time here's a quote from Author Jarod Kintz: “Clothes are expensive. Save money and become a nudist. Remember: Fashions may change, but naked is always in style.

Give me sun.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Introducing the Tasmanian Nudist Group.

The Tasmanian Nudist Group is a family orientated social nudist group. Members are located throughout  Tasmania however our activities are based in the north of the state. We have beach outings in summer and regular swim meets at a local heated indoor pool. We welcome applications from families and couples to join our group.
 We can be contacted by email.

Out for a paddle. Bakers Beach
Taking in the sun. Bakers Beach
Petanque championship. Bakers Beach
In for a dip.